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My Views On The Following Issues:

Affordable Housing and Rentals

The city is the problem – we need “Affordable housing that pays for itself!”
Develop 90,000 affordable habitats within 3 to 5 years.
commit 10 acres of land leased for 8,000 units
Private – Government – Financial ~ partnerships to create these 90,000 affordable habitats

Public Transit

safety for all, Install cameras with loudspeakers on each car & bus!
Install rapid automatic connection - Free WiFi for all riders to improve communications
“See something – say something” with merit points, badges & rewards. Anonymous hotline tip campaign with rewards
Rapid expansion to EV autonomous shuttle buses, co-sharing cars. Revamp TTC to save $1 Billion.

Access To Education

Provide better of the grid alternatives for education our students. Give access to off grid educational resources to parents. Provide better access to school administration and staff and give parents full access to the materials and subject matter being taught to their children. Parents must have their voices heard when it comes to the subjects being taught. 

Reduce Taxes

Property taxes in the city are climbing out of control and need to be reduced. Elimination of the vacant property tax increase. The municipal government has no jurisdiction on how or what an individual owner does with their properties. 

Spending & Accountability

The city needs realistic budgets and timelines. Council must be held accountable and bear financial responsibility for money  being spent. When projects are over budget and running behind schedule both contractors, municipal employees and elected city government must bear responsibility..

Do you think I am missing something?

As your elected representative I have to know what you think is important. Your opinion matters and I want to hear it!

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